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The Ant Bully 3.2

The Ant Bully is a game based on the animation movie
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The Ant Bully is a game based on the animation movie. The movie was great. The game... not so much. I don't really know why the best animation movies have the worst games. Ant Bully The Game feels half-finished. I have always noticed that third-person games have some trouble in letting the player move freely in the world they give him. It happened with almost every Tomb Raider game, and when developers pay more attention to graphics than playability, it also tends to happen. The game looks gorgeous. Of course, making an animated game look good is no accomplishment, but still, the graphics are great. The way the game plays is the weak point of the whole experience. Perky movements, glitches and all around bugs (no pun intended) make this game a short experience, at best. The story line is similar to that of the movie, which is not bad, but they could have enlarged on some specific levels to make it more realistic. The bosses aren't that hard to beat and the voice acting seems to be OK, too.

José Fernández
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  • OK graphics


  • Lots of bugs
  • Bad character movement
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